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General Questions

We do not provide any practice exams directly. Many exams, however, are available on the Internet. For example, try searching for a term such as "ote exam files".

You need to use our build in import wizard to create tests based on PDF, XPS or TXT files. You need to create new or edit existing test and then use our import wizard.

We do not have limitation on amount of devices where you are using Loorex. However, only one session can be run simultaneously.

Yes, you can easily export all your exam data as an .ote document at any time.

Absolutely! When you login to Loorex you should immediately know where to go, what to do, and how to get it done without complex direction or diagrams. However, if you do need help you can contact us through our built in support system or email at your convenience.

Financial Questions

You bet! We currently offer 10% off quarter commitments and 20% off on annual commitments. There are no refunds on quarter/annual service contracts.

No. Your first billing date will remain the same each month. You can cancel at any time.

No. We do not issue refunds for payments that have already been taken. If you want to cancel, make sure to do it before the day of the month you are initially signed up so you do not get charged.

If you upgrade or downgrade, you will be charged the new rate for your new plan starting on your next billing cycle. If you cancel, you will be canceled immediately and you won't be charged again.

We offer substantial discounts to those willing to commit to Loorex long term. If you change your billing cycle back to monthly, your remaining balance will be awarded as a credit. There are no refunds for quarter/annual accounts, so make sure you are willing to commit long term before signing up for our quarter/annual plans.

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