Update exam status


Method Description
exam.examUpdateStatus Update exam.

Request parameters

    "id": {TestId},
    "ignore_warnings": {IgnoreWarnings},
    "ready": {Ready}

Response parameters

    "completed": {Comleted}

Variable Type Appearance Description
{TestId} Integer Mandatory Exam id.
{IgnoreWarnings} Boolean Optional Ignore warnings if any. By default {ExamStatus} will not be updated to "completed" if there are warnings. Please review warnings and correct them before completing test.
{Ready} Boolean Mandatory Indicates status of exam:
  • true - Exam is completed and can be used
  • false - Exam is not finished and is in process of modification
Please be aware that any modification to any part of exam will reset its status to false.
{Completed} Boolean Mandatory Indicates whether action was successfully completed or not.